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Walking Dogs at a Rescue Centre

By: Jane Pullen - Updated: 8 Apr 2024 | comments*Discuss
Walking Dogs At A Rescue Centre

Rescue centres are full of dogs, who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need of a loving family who can care for them and give them the love that they deserve. The rescue centres do a wonderful job in giving dogs a temporary home that is safe and secure. Most rescue centres have areas where dogs receive daily exercise. This is different, however, to a long and satisfying walk where the dog gets the opportunity to see a world outside of his current home as well as getting much needed companionship with a human. Many dogs love and crave the companionship of humans and this is something that they miss when they are in a dog rescue centre.

Walking a dog regularly is a very important service that can be offered to rescue centres. Most centre staff simply do not have the time to give each dog a long walk, instead they welcome the service of volunteer dog walkers.

How Does Volunteer Dog Walking Work?

Animal rescue centres and shelters work in different ways, however most have set dog walking times over the course of a week. This makes is easier for the centre to administer rather than have people come in and out during the course of a day. Volunteers will be matched with suitable dogs. Therefore a volunteer who is looking to take a long hike across rough ground will be matched with a dog who will enjoy this form of walk. Whereas someone who is looking for a more gentle stroll might be matched with an older or smaller dog.

What Commitment is Required?

Most animal rescue centres welcome both dog walkers who can just do the odd walk and those who can commit to regular dog walking. While it is helpful for an animal rescue centre to know how many regular walkers they have, they also appreciate that this is not possible for everyone. Many volunteer dog walkers find that getting into a regular routine also helps them

Benefits of Dog Walking

There are many benefits of dog walking in addition to the valuable service that is provided to the dogs and to the rescue centre. These benefits include:

  • Dog walking is a great form of exercise! Many rescue centres have recommended walks around their neighbourhood that offer walks of differing lengths. A walk with a dog is also a good way to combat stress.
  • This is also the perfect way for people, who are unable to look after a dog or give a home to a dog, to have access to a dog and experience many of the benefits without the lifelong commitments. Many people would dearly love the companionship of a pet dog, however, currently find this impractical. Therefore this can be the ideal solution
  • Volunteering to walk dogs at a rescue centre is also a good opportunity for people who are thinking about adopting a dog, to gain experience of handling and walking dogs. This is a much better way of finding out whether they enjoy the experience than adopting a dog and living to regret the decision.
Walking a dog for a rescue centre is a valuable service as well as being a fun and worthwhile thing to do.

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Hi im ciaran i have had experience with dogs and would live to walk them in the holidays after school im 16 and i know what im doing !
Ci - 8-Apr-24 @ 3:20 PM
Hi I really want to start walking dogs on my days off and when I’m with my little nephew. I love dogs but unfortunately can’t have one due to renting. It’ll also teach my nephew patience and how to look after a dog. Please feel free to get in contact :)
Jess - 22-Feb-24 @ 4:01 PM
Hi, I am looking for volunteer work With animals . I am hoping to pursue a career as a vet. I would like to fill in any free time I have around animals . I am keen to learn as much as I can .
Millie - 21-Mar-21 @ 2:33 PM
Hey,i live in Crayford and love dogs.If anyone needs help and wants someone to walk their dog for them then feel free to ask :)
Wayne - 27-Apr-20 @ 11:36 AM
Hi,I absolutely love dogs. I sometimes look after my parents dog - a toy poodle. Shes well behaved and quiet. I have her stay with me and take her out for walks,great company. I would like to do dog walking,especially at this time of lockdown. I'm in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Shaz - 26-Apr-20 @ 10:46 AM
Hi, I'm looking to walk dogs/puppies near me, in afternoons on weekdays and weekends, I'm used to being around dogs and I've grew up with dogs. I'm 13 years old only doing half days at school, I'm from county durham/Consett
Sophie - 23-Feb-20 @ 2:13 PM
Hi, I'm looking to walk dogs/puppies near me, in afternoons on weekdays and weekends, I'm used to being around dogs and I've grew up with dogs.
Sophie - 23-Feb-20 @ 2:12 PM
Hi, I would like to walk a dog at the weekend. I live in Welling, near Kent. Please send me more info. Thanks!
Yve - 18-Feb-20 @ 4:47 PM
Hi I would like to walk a dog near me. I have weekends free and school hols.
Val - 17-Nov-19 @ 7:42 AM
Living in Wigan (Gtr. Manchester) area can offer couple hrs once a week. Have daughter wirh learning disability but she has a level one in animal care. Would do with her. Can you send mesome info
Em - 24-Jun-19 @ 4:12 PM
Hi there ?? would be amazing to join Your team and do long and regular walks with any dogs You got there ????
Witek - 2-Jun-19 @ 3:40 PM
Hello, I live in west London and I am interested in walking dogs, due to having a free very long summer after my exams. I would not mind doing it in a regular pattern and I would love to do it everyday.
Wiki - 31-May-19 @ 12:05 AM
I am an active retiree, live on the edge of the New Forest and would love to walk dogs.
Terry - 30-May-19 @ 10:38 PM
I am an active retiree of 68 I wish to walk regularly in the New Forest but with the companionship of a dog. I also appreciate and admire the work of animal shelters. I live in Highcliffe. BH235AH.
Terry - 30-May-19 @ 8:23 PM
Hi I hope you’re well? I would absolutely love to get some more information about this. I’m 20 years old, a dancer so extremely fit and I’ve also previously worked in a dog kennels for almost a year. I have so much love for animals and after recently moving to London I would love to help out.
Georgina - 13-May-19 @ 11:29 PM
Hi I’m Isla me an my friend Lucy are wanting to help out with rescue dog walking we are both 12 and live in Scotland Motherwell, any suggestions?
_is_luc_ - 28-Apr-19 @ 3:34 PM
I live in South West London and would like to know how I could get to walk rescue dogs maybe once or possibly twice a month. I am willing to travel to all areas of London and to outlying areas.
Richard - 22-Feb-19 @ 1:19 PM
Hi! I will be so happy to have the opportunity of walking a dog, missing my four legged buddy that lives in Spain with my family, and I have so much love to give to this wonderful animals. Please let me know how can this happen! Where in London are you based? Thank you and looking forward hearing from you!
Barbs - 9-Jan-19 @ 6:51 AM
Hi I'm interested in the dog walking. I have 3 dogs at my house and I love walking them. I would love to help out
Mia - 24-Sep-18 @ 5:48 PM
Hi, I live in London and would love to help out with walking dogs occasionally. Could you please let me know where to go for this or how to get additional information? Thanks!
Wiebke - 24-Sep-18 @ 11:48 AM
Sorry I forgot to mention from the below that we are based in London from a corporate business. Please get in touch, we would love to dog walk!
Mel - 15-Sep-18 @ 11:23 PM
Hi, I have a few people in a business I work for that are interested in walking dogs individually or in a group. Please can you get in touch if you are interested. All are very reliable. Many thanks
Mel - 15-Sep-18 @ 11:20 PM
NKHEFTER - Your Question:
I live in London and would love to be able to volunteer and help walk dogs. pls can you let me know where I can go to do this.

Our Response:
You can see more via the link here , here and here, which I hope will help.
SaveAPet - 3-Jul-18 @ 10:02 AM
I live in London and would love to be able to volunteer and help walk dogs. pls can you let me know where i can go to do this.
NKHEFTER - 2-Jul-18 @ 1:33 PM
Hi there, I am trying to find somewhere to volunteer with dog walking in London but I can't seem to find anywhere which would accept someone for a few hours a week. Could you please let me know if you ahve any recommondations for locations in London. Thanks, Charlotte
charlotte - 14-Jun-18 @ 11:35 AM
Hello, I have been looking for opportunities to help out shelters with dog walking in London, but wasn't able to find a single shelter looking for this kind of help... Have you had any luck?
Matt Black - 9-May-18 @ 8:35 AM
Hi I live in central London, and i am looking for some volunteering dog walkings for a small group like 5 - 10 people. Please let me know where i can find this information, thanks.
Nick - 1-May-18 @ 2:39 PM
Annie - Your Question:
I am interested in walking a dog in the Eastbourne and surrounding area. I have had a dog for a year but it was in Cape Town. Had to leave the dog behind and can't have one in the flat, where I am staying, at the moment. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

Our Response:
You could check if Cinnamon Trust is in your locality, please see link here. Or check with your local pet rescue centres if they need dog walkers.
SaveAPet - 16-Mar-18 @ 2:39 PM
I am interested in walking a dog in the Eastbourne and surrounding area.I have had a dog for a year but it was in Cape Town.Had to leave the dog behind and can't have one in the flat, where I am staying, at the moment.Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
Annie - 14-Mar-18 @ 3:03 PM
Jackie - Your Question:
Hi I was wondering if there was any where near Penn Wolverhampton that might need some help with walking dogs or just giving then some fuss and care. I have looked after my daughter dogs but she left home now. I love to own a dog but can’t have a dog where I live.I work part time in Bilston Wolverhampton mon to fri So the weekend I could help for a few hours & maybe when the lighter night come too.I finish work at 3.30 pm mon to fri.I live on my own & don’t have many friends maybe this might be away of making friends.Im 58 years old.

Our Response:
The Cinnamon Trust may be able to help you, please see link here.
SaveAPet - 5-Feb-18 @ 10:39 AM
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